Build a highly converting brand in 2024!

Winter Brand Intensive

February 1 - 2, 2024

2 - Days Strategic + Actionable Training to

"Expertly attract INBOUND warm leads that can increase your brand Reach, Equity and Trust and revenue in 2024"

How Do you build a highly profitable brand that can help convert your audience into clients?

Be in the room with highly successful business owners, CEOs, and business owners who scaled their businesses to multi-figure companies that dominated the market during the recession. 

Learn how to establish your Brand’s positioning and messaging and how it can help you build an ACTUAL brand that will shift the perception of the marketplace to be what you intended!

Be intentional and take massive action in IMPLEMENTING all the things you learned in the training.

When you walk away from the event, you will have a clear picture of what your vision is for a laser-sharpened brand strategy, a deeper understanding of why branding is so powerful, and your “homework” from the event is done and ready to deploy when you get back home.

In fact, one of our previous attendees, Aiden Fraizer, booked multiple sales calls & closed $20k of business right when he left the event!

Let Your Branding Do The Work!

Most people with online businesses think that Branding means colorful visuals, fonts, and color psychology BS. 

9/10 clients have thought of coming to us to touch up a “logo” and help them with some personal color test, who walked away stunned because their entire branding became 10x better and their content resonated well with their clients. 

Personal Branding is NOT optional in 2024. What you sell doesn’t matter as much as how you sell it. “Marketing makes millionaires, and Branding makes billionaires.”

Marketing is a sprint and branding is a marathon. 

Let’s take a look at Apple, Tesla, Coca-Cola, and Ritz Carlton as an example, of how big these companies are, and how VIRAL their brands are. Do you know how most of them generate their clients?

The secret is BRANDING. 

When you have a brand strategy that aligns with your personal core behaviors, resonating and connecting deeply with your clients becomes so EASY!

More Attendees Whose Businesses And Personal Lives Were IMPACTED By Our Event!

Kaci Brown I Freedom to Impact

Chris Dyer I Action Hero Dojo

Michele Young I Engage Lifestyle & Martial Arts

What's The Catch?

Many business owners say they want to create an “Impact.” And while we feel that and respect that, it’s simply not enough. People are done being “marketed” to…

They want connection, passion, and purpose behind their decisions, and YOU can bring that to them through your personal branding…

You will not just stand here to lurk and feel overwhelmed by what your next steps are.

FULLY tapping into your purpose, and allowing that amplifying energy to flow THROUGH your business instead of saying “someday” being “big enough” to have the “luxury” is NEVER our style. 

You have to show up and do the work.

Join us as we help you dive deep within yourself (branding IS more personal than you might think), and your business, in this live event. 

LAUNCH has successfully executed over 100+ world-class brands and 1,000 offer refinements.

We do not specialize in a niche and have a broad range of styles that perfectly match the client, their brand, their clients, and their strategy.

Our proven track record has allowed us to grow year over year for 5 straight years.

Winter Brand

Intensive Schedule

Event Dates: February 1 - 2, 2024

Travel Dates: Arrive January 31st (PM) | February 3rd (AM)

Location: BRAVA, 414 Milam Street, Houston, TX, 77002

**Friday Night Party by the pool at Bijal's house, 77055!!

Hotel: Any hotel in 77002 Zip Code or near BRAVA

Airports: HOU (Hobby) or IAH (George Bush). Both are valid choices, HOU is a bit closer.

Who Will Be Speaking At This Event?


Bijal Patel

Bijal is the FOUNDER of LAUNCH, and a world-class Business and brand Strategist who is the go-to expert for established small, impact-driven business owners who want to scale to their next level of success.

She has a panache for bringing together the brightest minds with the most giving souls to create events that are UNFORGETTABLE & TRANSFORMATIONAL for both the attendees & speakers, alike!

Her wizardry shines with dialing in Offers, brand messaging & positioning, plus her proven ability to price programs using her unique Profit Algorithm method.

She has won innumerable awards, including the distinguished “Houston Power Woman” award.


Taylor Welch

Taylor owns a portfolio of online brands with a mission to make the world smarter, happier and wealthier. Since his first company in 2015 he has advised thousands of clients and hundreds of thousands of students. Today he runs a global network for business founders - helping them acquire more customers and KEEP them longer using an in house suite of proprietary models and frameworks.Taylor's talks are some of the best in the world.

We were honored to help brand his latest company, the Wealthy Consultant that he's
scaled to $5M run rate in just a year of launching.


Eileen Wilder

Eileen is the "Queen of Stages", a high-ticket sales expert and Virtual Events coach, and is currently the co-founder of several popular online business brands such as Confident Closer®, Virtual Event Secrets™, Two Comma Kit™, Speaking School™, Elite Entrepreneurs™, and more. She’s also host a podcast that helps people make 6-figures in 60 minutes or less with Virtual Events! She is KNOWN to have sold $1M in a SINGLE DAY.

If you haven't heard her speak - and haven't experienced her LIVE, you are truly missing out on a world-class speaker who has the most beautiful heart for giving!


Adam Kifer

Adam Kifer is a serial entrepreneur with multiple multi-7 figure businesses! As the CEO of Relentless Media Agency, co-founder of MUV Martial Arts franchise, Level Up Music, and MX Martial Arts in Gilbert, Arizona. As a natural-born leader, trailblazer, and marketing expert, Adam brought his skills to the table as the growth strategist and marketing lead at iLoveKickboxing helping hundreds of clients reach new levels of growth, revenue, and freedom. Adam is a genius at leadership and bringing together a team of world-class players and clients.

As a former client and a friend to the brand, we were honored to help brand his ambitious and industry shaking brand, MUV Martial Arts in a completely re-imagined way!


Aprille Franks

Aprille Franks is the CEO of Domination Nation, a next-level brand that helps experts, speakers and influencers dominate their industry and income - or die trying. Aprille and her team provide transformational business strategies to help her clients build communities, credibility and profitability, establishing her as the go-to expert for driven entrepreneurs who want to do business on a higher plane and, in turn, reap higher profits.Her whip-smart, in your face, coaching philosophy is rooted in strategic planning, sustainable action and implementation, an approach she honed while revitalizing multi-million dollar commercial real estate portfolios as a consultant.


Shawn Quintero

Shawn Quintero, also known as ShawnQ, is a leading expert in the field of abundance coaching, Innovation, AI, Digital Growth and Launch Strategy.

His students regularly land $5,000 to $50,000 clients using his Heck Yes! sales system, where he shows you how to confidently go into the market and do your best work. He is an acclaimed A.I. expert who is versed in MANY tools and his style of speaking teaches the strategies down to sharing the exact tactical and actionable steps to implement!


David Taggart

David Taggart is a multiple 7-figure roofing brand Founder and CEO (in less than 3 years) and has his personal brand “Roof Papi”. David has been in the residential and commercial construction industry for 20 years. During this time he has had the opportunity to be a public speaker and a phenomenal Industry wide recognized expert on leadership and development in the roofing industry.

He is inspirational, aspirational, raw, and isn't afraid to lead people through embodying his Core Behaviors, Mission, Vision, and charisma. He's got an infectious charm and a drive that has everyone leaning in to learn from his personal brand!

What you'll experience...

Our goal is for you to experience the transformative power of our live conference, and awaken your full branding potential through the following:

  • Build a world-class brand with magnetizing brand messaging and increase your inbound leads

  • High-ticket sale strategy to sell out your event tickets, increase attendance rate, and how to sell your offers at a higher percentage.

  • Learn how to Speak from Stage to easily sell your offers at a much higher price point while authentically owning your Stage Style.

  • Refine your Brand Content to speak to your most ideal client avatar while using compelling engagement strategies.

  • Become your Future Self through frameworks that tangibly teach you how to expand your vision and big goals.

  • Maximize your Personal Brand strategy to become omnipresent on multiple channels through owning your brand.

  • Position your brand to dominate your market and truly become a category of #1 by learning what makes you different.

  • Leverage AI for lead gen, sales, and visibility while utilizing a unique method that keeps your Brand's Tone in tact.

 When you combine the above elements of training, workshopping with actual multiple 7 and 8 figure CEO's, you start to add rocket fuel to your personal branding and organic marketing game.

Discover The Amazing Results From Our Last Brand Intensive Events!

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Eli Bowman | Mind-body Wellness Coach, Happy Branding Client

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Let's review any FAQs..

What’s included in the ticket price?

You will receive the training, hands-on workshopping, chill, and form bonds, and all F&B and SPECIAL SURPRISES & BONUSES we have planned!

Will I be getting deliverables or visual designs?

You will be walking away with some items completely finished in a DWY (done with you) style. There will not be any design work or visuals done by the LAUNCH team.

Will there be a replay of the event available?

To preserve the small intimate feel of the event, there will not be a replay available although we will be filming for promotional purposes for the next event.

Can I bring my significant other?

SURE CAN! Each ticket covers one person, so they are welcome to buy their own ticket.

Are my flights / hotel costs / ubers / dinners included?

Those will be on you -- with one evening’s dinner (Friday night) being an official part of the event and covered by LAUNCH.

What if I don’t like it?

We have a 9.75 NPS (net promoter score) satisfaction rating from the last 12 people who attended raving testimonial videos and wins upon WINS. People were floored, and we hope you are because we are changing it up for this one! PLUS….Who couldn’t enjoy spending time with like-minded people who are down to get their brands stronger WHILE having fun and building life-long relationships?

Are You Ready to Increase Your Brand's Sales And Revenue?

Join us while spots are OPEN!


Limited Spots Left!


Event Dates: February 1 -2, 2024

Travel Dates: January 31 (PM) - February 3, 2024 (AM)

Recommended Hotel: Any hotel near BRAVA, in 77002 Zip Code

BRAVA, 414 Milam Street, Houston, TX, 77002

Friday Night Party by the pool at Bijal's house, 77055

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